Installing a Lexmark T640/T650 Fuser

by Tai Liu

Installing a Lexmark T640/T650 Series Fuser




Preparing your fuser unit for install and Installing a Lexmark T640/T650 series fuser unit in your printer.




Lexmark LaserJet Workgroup T640, T642, T644, T650, T652, and T654 Series Printers


Details Directions:


  1. Open the package and place the fuser unit facing down on a flat surface.

 2. Locate the two pressure levers on the fuser as indicated below. 

3. Pull the levers towards you to release the lever.

4. Once the levers are removed the fuser is ready to be installed in the printer.


Installing the fuser in your Lexmark T640/T650 Series Printer

  1. Turn off and unplug the printer; and allow time for the fuser to cool. 
  2. The fuser wiper cover is on the top of the printer, where the paper stacks up as it leaves the printer.  Squeeze the 2 latches together shown in picture below, and pull up to remove this cover.

3.  Slightly open the redrive door at the back of the printer (see picture below), lift the left side of that door until the left side is free, then lift and clear the right side to completely remove the door.


4. At the top rear of the machine is the redrive exit (cap) cover.  Lift up on the right side of the cover to remove it, see picture below.

5. Remove the 2 mounting screws labeled "A" in picture below, and then release the 2 mounting latches labeled "B" in picture below, then remove the redrive assembly.

6. Remove the fuser mounting screws, labeled "A" in picture below.

7.  Disconnect the "B" and "C" connectors as shown in picture below.


8.  Disconnect the fuser cable labeled "D" in picture below.


9.  Pull the cables free, and remove the fuser.

10.  The new fuser will have some black or orange plastic wedges that need to be removed before installing.  Remove those wedges, and install the new fuser in reverse order of these steps.

11.  If you purchased your new fuser at the exchange price, don't forget to send back your used fuser to Printer Ready Corporation as a core exchange. Re-use the original box and packaging for safe shipping.


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