Reset the maintenance counter for Lexmark T650 T652 T654

by Tai Liu

Reset the maintenance counter for Lexmark T650 T652 T654 series printers.

When you get error code on your printer, 80, or 81, the printer is due to maintenance, after you perform the maintenance, you need to manually reset the maintenance count from the config menu.

The maintenance counter tracks the number of pages printed since the last maintenance kit was installed.  At 300,000 pages a reminder will show up if a new kit hasn't been installed yet.

After installing a new maintenance kit you should reset this counter so the reminder will not display prematurely. 

1.  Turn off the printer. 

2.  Press and hold the Checkmark button and the Right arrow > button while you turn the printer on.  Continue holding the buttons, release when the memory counter shows, about 10 seconds after bootup.

3. Allow the printer to finish booting up.

4.  The message "CONFIG MENU" displays on the control panel ; you are now in the Configuration menu.

5.  Use the arrows to navigate and select Reset Cnt from the menu options, then select Reset.  When the reset operation is complete, the menu returns to the Reset Maintenance Count screen.

6.  To verify the new maintenance page count -- Select  Maint Cnt Value from the CONFIG MENU.  Press the Checkmark button to view the new value. When done, press the Back arrow button to return to the main Configuration menu.

Job done, after reboot, the error message should be gone.

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