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Your ultimate solution provider for all your printing needs!

Printers are crucial office equipments for most of businesses and house holds, they are used to share and pass on information, documents, reports, etc..

Due to the variety of the usages, sizes, and where you use them, it has never been a easy task to choose the right printers for your business, and even harder to maintain all printers in good working order, while saving on the maintenance and consumables to cut the operational cost.

In Printer Ready Corporation, we specialize in laser printers, toner cartridges, and printer parts, provide customer high quality, cost effective, reliable solutions for all your printing needs, doesn't matter the type and size of your business.

We are experts to help you CHOOSE, SETUP, MAINTAIN all your printers, and with our solutions, you will be saving big, cut your operational cost up to 70%.

Our fully trained dedicated technicians are committed to serve you until you are satisfied.

What we offer here:

Saving Big

Keep using high quality laser printers and toner cartridges, while saving up-to 70% of original price.

Professional Selection

We only select the market proven models to refurbish them and put in market again, will last and work for you.


We offer life-time warranty for our remanufactured toner cartridges and 90-day warranty for refurbished laser printers.

Expert Support

Have a question or problem with your printer? Our professional trained technicians will help you.

Popular Brands

We choose the most trusted brands and models to refurbish the printers, put them back to market.